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What's Premas?

PreMas comes from joining the words Premature and Massage. It also comes from the colloquial way to speak health professionals about the Premature Unit in the University Hospital Complex of León (Spain).

The premature infant is deprived ofthe last few weeksor monthsthe womb, replacing itby incubatorsandnursing care. The premature infant care supposes a real challenge for parents, health professionals and society in general. Prematurity has become the subject of many scientific investigations, which are directed towards the prevention of problems and reducing potential complications.

In recent years, in many neonatal units has begun implementing a series centered care somatic stimulation, kinesthetic, vestibular, etc.. With the aim of promoting a good neuromotor and emotional development in premature infants. The application of massage by parents may be an essential activity to ensure the development of premature infants.

PreMas is a research project funded by the Instituto de Salud Carlos III (PI 12/02763), which aims to demonstrate how the application of massage and exercise therapy for parents enhance the biological, neurological and motor hospitalized premature infants. This project brings together nurses, physiotherapists, nurses, neonatologists and pediatric nursing interns.